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Smokin Joe radiates the soul of Johnny
Cash, the sensuality of Jim Morrison and the style of Woody Guthrie wrapped up
in a folk/roots package! He’s somewhere between "Ringo Starr and the
Grateful Dead" His songs are “real life
gritty”, not “Nashville pretty”!

Losing Weight

I recently visited my doctor and was told that my good cholesterol readings were headed downwards and my bad cholesterol readings were headed upwards. Additionally, my blood pressure readings were elevated. I currently take medication for Arthritis, COPD and MS. The last thing I needed was more pills. A little research and some sage advice from my family doctor led to the realization that I needed to lose weight. At six foot one and 194 pounds on a small boned frame, I was, by definition, obese. I was more than 30 pounds over the recommended weight of 160 pounds.

Our local Wal-Mart provided us with a copy of Dr. Mike Moreno's The 17 Day Diet at a 30 % discount and off we were to try it out. Marie reads way faster and way more than I and she soon had it all figured out and on the diet we went. Phase 1 was the toughest but we were never hungry and never lacked energy. By Phase 2 we were down in weight , me by 15 pounds, and now had a less daunting phase to go. We covered all 4 phases and the diet, regimine of water consumption and regular exercise have now become a lifestyle based on well being. My weight ranges between 158 and 162 pounds and it is six months later.

Many of our friends have also purchased the book, are on the diet, are losing weight and are thanking us! What can I say, it works!

Tip: On 3 occasions we had friends and family visit overnight during the initial phases. We fell off the diet for one night each time but got right back on it the next day. Don't beat up on yourself if that happens. I am now, for all intensive purposes, at my ideal weight. I never though I'd see 160 pounds again! Go for it!

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