This Folk Tale was told to me by Kathleen Wiseman. The title is "How the Path Came to be Around the Rice Field".

Once upon a time there lived a very rich and beautiful princess. She had many suitors but refused them all as she did not consider them worthy of her hand in marriage. Many of them were handsome, many of them were rich, many were good-hearted, many were well-educated. She still refused them all and would not marry any of those very eligible suitors.

As time went on it became very evident that she was very vain and would accept nothing but the best. Finally, a very rich, strikingly handsome and well mannered man came to see her. Like all the other suitors before him, he asked for her hand in marriage. He was very well dressed, wore the finest silk shirt, a perfectly tailored suit and the best in leather footwear. Everything about him was perfect.

She considered the suitor and his proposal. She could find nothing wrong with him. Finally she made a proposition to the young man. She was to go to church in the morning and it was an extremely long walk around the rice fields. If he could build her a path around the family rice field by morning, thus making her trek to church much easier to accomplish, then she would accept his proposal to marry. He agreed that he would accept this task, even though it was an impossible challenge to complete by morning.

Next morning when the princess came out of her house looking very beautiful (aguapa) in her finest Sunday clothes, the handsome young man was waiting for her. He led her to the rice field, and, there, to her amazement and delight was a very well constructed path leading through the rice field to her church. The handsome young man had completed an impossible task!

"So, now," he said, "will you honour your vow and marry me?" "Yes," she said, "I will marry you." For, she was amazed at what he had accomplished to win her hand. She believed there was no end to what he could do for her.

With that, a hole opened in the ground bshind the handsome your man and fire and smoke erupted from the great hole. He took her hand and they disappeared into the hole, for, he was the devil!

They were never heard from again!


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