Here is the list of songs we will study with You Tube Links, courtesy of Tucker Brown. This is the second SAC sponsored course I have participated in with superb mentors. The first course was the Ariel Hyatt course which led me to develop my own web site where fans can learn more about me and my music and, can purchase songs, if they so desire, directly from that site. I also have a newsletter, blogs, a video and essential elements like a privacy statement on the site. Check the sidebar for links to other pages and please, sign up for my newsletter, should you desire.

Pat Pattison is a legend in the world of songwriting. I first met Pat in 2005 in British Columbia. It will be a pleasure to study his techniques with the experience of four self-published CD's under my belt. I am working on some songs for my 5th CD and have no doubt that every song will be better after this experience.

I will be sharing this blog from my web site and will make it available to my subscribers, many of whom are songwriters. I can think of no greater gift to share with fellow songwriters than the experience of growth in songwriting technique. I expect this to be a revealing experience in that weaknesses as well as strengths will be exposed. I write mainly in the folk (roots) genre and tend to run afoul of the popular Nashville music genre. There are lessons to learn from and share with songwriters from other genres and that is the journey I expect to take in this course.

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